Robert Kampi Laari

Dear all Young Women on Social Media,

I want to take this opportunity to share something with you that many might not tell you directly. When you are seeking love, especially on social media platforms like this one, it is important to be cautious. While your intentions may be good, there are individuals on this platform who intentionally exploit others in the name of love. I acknowledge that there are also women who engage in such behavior, but my intention is to make you aware that love can still be found here by being patient.

When you encounter someone, do not feel pressured to see them as perfect or the only person you have been waiting for all these years until proven otherwise. Take your time and do not rush into getting to know them. People’s true colors are revealed over time. The things we post on social media can be misleading. Nowadays, nobody shares their failures online. We all strive to present ourselves as successful, wealthy, and well-connected. It seems that many of you desire the same. As a result, you easily fall for deceptive acts.

The fancy cars we pose with may not belong to us. The luxurious suits we wear may not be ours. The extravagant lifestyles we display may not reflect reality; sometimes we are simply accompanying others. The lavish restaurants we frequent may not be a true reflection of our lives. The houses we showcase might be owned by our bosses. We post these things, and you might feel like you have found your dream man. But it’s not that simple. Do not allow yourself to be vulnerable and fall for these illusions. As I mentioned before, time reveals the truth, and if you lack patience, you may end up with a broken heart.

It’s quite amusing how some of you overlook genuinely responsible men simply because you are unaware of the work they do or because they don’t present themselves in a flashy manner on social media. I personally know sincere men who are often denied love by women just because they don’t showcase extravagant lifestyles or spend a lot of time on social media. It takes a mature woman to recognize these kinds of men and build a life with them. In a world where fake lifestyles are trying to destroy destinies, please exercise caution.

You have nothing to lose by being true to yourself and following a natural progression in relationships. Take it easy when you meet someone new. Learn about them, at least the basics. Do not get carried away by our fake titles and fame because they do not pay the bills. Get to know us for who we are and the work we do. If you feel comfortable, then you can slowly move forward. There’s no need to rush. Aim for a future that will create a stable and fulfilling life for you. I sincerely hope you take these words to heart. Cheers.

Mr. Robert Kampi Laari is a renowned Global Motivational Speaker, Purpose Coach, Youth Trainer and a Community Development Expert.

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